Audubon sanctuaries near The Rookwood Inn will make nature-lovers go wild

Do you love to get outdoors, hike, explore, canoe, bird-watch, and picnic? The Rookwood Inn is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and unique nature sanctuaries teeming with wildlife.

In fact, two Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries — Pleasant Valley and Canoe Meadow — are within minutes of The Rookwood, each offering extensive hiking trails, riverfronts and lakesides, acres of forests, meadows, mountains, and local wildlife sightseeing opportunities.

Here’s a custom map of where these sanctuaries are in relation to The Rookwood Inn:

View Nature Sanctuaries Near The Rookwood Inn in a larger map

Pleasant Valley (~ 2 miles from The Rookwood)

Pleasant Valley is about two miles from the Rookwood Inn and boasts a thriving beaver population in the Yokun Brook. Their lodges can be found along the shores of the brook and, although primarily nocturnal, you may be lucky enough to see a beaver swimming along in the water or working on its dam. In the springtime, there is notable Salamander migration along the West Mountain Road.

The park also has trails that wind through hardwood forest, wetlands, meadows, and along Lenox Mountain’s slopes. The Housatonic River and area lakes also feature canoe trips from mid-May through Columbus Day.

Canoe Meadow (~ 6 miles from The Rookwood)

Canoe Meadow is a mere mile from the center of Pittsfield, and is most notable for its plentiful variety of birds, such as Ospreys, Great Blue Herons, Waxwings, Hummingbirds, Owls, Hawks, and Bobolinks, depending on the time of year. The meadow is a bird-watchers dream, with programs such as the Birds to Watch, Focus on Feeders bird count in February, and May’s Bird-a-thon.

Canoe Meadow also has trails winding through woods, wetlands, fields, and along the Housatonic River. Nature enthusiasts regularly sight beavers, otters, and Wild Turkeys.

This summer, come to Lenox, Massachusetts to explore acres and acres of nature. And after a day of outdoor adventuring, it’s just a short drive back to luxurious comfort, afternoon refreshments and a delicious breakfast in the morning at The Rookwood Inn.